Saturday, 28 August 2010

My goal, I need this,

I want to go to America, Michigan, to be exact.

The girl I am hopelessly in love with now resides there, plane tickets cost £600, I have no job :(.

My parents would let me go, that's not an issue; getting the money together is :/.
If anyone has any LEGITIMATE methods of making money, for a person not old enough for a job, please, state them here.

Oh, yeah, donations are always appreciated: my paypal is ;).
I had to add that :).

Much love,


  1. Nice blog! Good luck w/ your goal =) Please check out my blog if you get a chance:

  2. If you are particularly creative, you could try making merchandise at and then selling it to your friends.

  3. Follow your love! You could go an even cheaper route, by sail and then a cross-country train right to Michigan!

    Just a heads up :)

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  5. I know the feeling. Thats why I fellow you. You can feelow me too:

  6. @A Walk in the Sunset
    How much would a boat trip cost, I can't find any information.

  7. i dont think they even sail anymore except for cruises but thats even more expensive